Turkish Stories

Is it only me or have the Turkish texts in the “Short Stories” course suddenly changed? I have gone through 5 lessons and had no blue words, and when I looked at the lessons again few hours later I had noticed that some vocabulary has changed as if somebody has edited them. It is weird but I’m pretty sure those lessons looked a tad different when I was going through them and now suddenly there are new blue words popping up and after listening to some lessons 5 times, I definitely don’t recognize certain words being there before.

Hi @lestry,
Yes, Turkish stories 1-10 were re-uploaded yesterday with a bit changed text and improved audio. Also stories 11-20 are uploaded and today I am going to upload stories 21-60 too. Turkish stories are complete!


Hvala puno! Thank you. I’m a bit sad that I have to redo the lessons but at the same time the quality is better and more lessons are coming. I’m really thankful for your hard work and everybody who is bringing those stories in! I hope to see Serbian on LingQ someday too. I have been learning it on and off for a long time and LingQ would help tremendously.


Nema na čemu!
I am working on Serbian Mini Stories at the moment, making some slow progress since there is lot of other stuff to do, but hopefully when stories are all ready, we will be able to add Serbian too.


That’s a very good news. I’ll probably begin to study Serbian after begin to feel comfortable with Russian. Thanks a lot zoran.

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