Turkish lesson issues

I am pointing out here 2 issues:

  1. Translating doesn’t work for a little complicated words - In sentence: “Beraber saat yedide akşam yemeği yerler.” word “yerler” translates as “Places(0)” which makes no sense since yerler is ye+r+ler = yemek(to eat) + geniş zaman(present simple tense) + 3rd person plural. I would appreciate if it would be possible either translate words piece by piece (like ye = eat; r = tense…). Or some other way of breaking down a word. Translating it as ‘They eat’ is not a good way to go, since it doesn’t help much to learn the language. Note: This is sentence from “LingQ Mini Stories level 1 Story 6”.
  2. Why are stories in geniş zaman (present simple tense). No turk would say a story in this tense. They would use geçmiş zaman (past tense). In case you want to use only one tense for beginners, use şimdiki zaman (present continuous tense). This tense is more ‘default’ than the other one and is easier to use and understand too.

Hi Gulino,

  1. I get your point here, but since this is google translate auto translation we can’t do much. You can use available dictionaries to search for better and more appropriate translation.
  2. We tried to make first 20 Mini Stories in all languages in Present Simple. Stories 20-60 have other tenses included too.

Hi from Turkey

As a native of Turkish i understand what you are saying.

  1. The same problem appears even in English. When i feel myself uncomfortable, i search other dictionaries for it. But for a new language, it is hard to understand which dictionary translates thw words or sentences truely. As an English learner, i learned more in high school. So i can understand if there is a problem. As i said,it is a big problem for new learners. But if you need help, you can contact me. I can try to help you as much as i can.
  2. As you said lots of times stories are past tense. Present simple tense is not suitable for Turkish stories i think. As you said present continuous tense is better than it.