Turkish lesson 13 of the mini stories - Why does it use the aorist so much

As I wrote, I am doing lesson 13 of the mini stories in Turkish. I just started, and I came across the aorist for the first time. Now, the grammar tells me, that I have to use aorist to talk about regular activities. However, the story is full of them. One example would be:
Salih, “Güzel bir gülümsemen var” der

Why do I have to use DER here, as this sentence probably will only be sayed once, no?
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I don’t know if it will be enough, but let me try to explain.

The word “der” is used to express what the righteous said. Even if you don’t use that word, I guess what you mean. But it can cause misunderstandings. We understand that the word "(double quotes) in writing is fading, but it can cause misunderstandings when saying it. If you think the same thing in English, you will realize that you have the same problem.

Salih, “Güzel bir gülümsemen var” der => Salih says, “You have a beautiful smile”
Salih, “Güzel bir gülümsemen var” => Salih, “You have a beautiful smile” (You are actually expressing that Salih has a beautiful smile.)

If you ask my opinion: I am trying to learn English, I could not understand most of the conjunctions, the added meaning. After so many repetitions, I realize now that I’m beginning to understand how little it makes sense.

Türkçe öğreniminde bol şans dilerim.

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