Turkish is the most widely spoken language in Central Asia(not only in Turkey)

Is there anyone there who interested in Turkish?Maybe you can start as to read my beginner lesson.
I just added two lessons (beginner1 and intermediate 2 level)

What about Russian? Isn’t it spoken in Central Asia as well?

@ozne: I hope you will keep adding lessons regularly. I will be glad to use them when I start learning Turkish in some months/years.

Hi vincentd,

I like Russian language too… :slight_smile:

Thanks Mikebond,
I hope you will be able to start learning Turkish in a short time.Thanks.

I wonder what language Uzbeks and Khazaks and Uighurs use when talking to each other.

Hi Steve,

I’m a very newly member from Istanbul.Uzbeks,Khazaks,Uighurs ,Azerian all of them have very likely sounds.But I think there can be some difficulties when they speaks each other.I know that the Turkic Peoples can understand each other rougly,at least you can explain what you want to say .Some of them are more understandable,some of them not.Finally,I have a short story, I went to Thailand two years ago,when we were walking on the street,two people came to nearby and said ’ I know ,you’re talking Turkish’ .We could understand each other.I don’t remember now from which country they are but I know that from central Asia.Thanks.

Hi Ozne,

I wonder if they speak Russian to each other as the most convenient common language, or some form of Turkish. This applies to all former Soviet Turkic speaking people of Central Asia.

Hi Steve,

'This applies to all former Soviet Turkic speaking people of Central Asia.'I think, I understood what you were saying,
I don’t want to misunderstand exactly.Would you be so kind as to explain last sentences?

Merhaba Ben Polonyaliyim, Turkçe öğreniyorum, daha ders çok istioyorum, her gün yeni ders beklerim:)

Merhaba Selvi,
Adınız Türkçe değil mi?Intermediate 2 ye yüklediğim parçayı dinlediniz mi?İlginize teşekkür ederim.

Benim adim Sylwia bu sadece benim nick:) daha sonra dinlerim Intermediate 2, bende teşekkür ederim

Tamam Sylwia,bye.

My Turkish friend is always saying that he understands a lot of Azerbaijani, and Central Asian languages.
I usually think he is just exaggerating.

ozne, what I meant was that I wonder whether citizens of the former Soviet Republics who are of different Turkic ethnic origin, (Kazakh, Kyrghiz, Uzbek, Azeri, Turkmen, or even Bashkir and Tatar) talk to each other in a Turkic language or in Russian.

Steve,unfortunately I didn’t visit or live in a former Soviet Turcic country,but I met some in Turkey.We could communicate in Turkish and they could adapt our Turkish accent .If I had spoken Russian,They’d have preffered to speak in Russian which is their official language and they might feel more comfortable. Especially Azeri,Karachay,Turkish people can understand each other clearly and I must clarify that I’m not a sociologist or language specialist.That’s only my experience.

Ozne, I would like to study a bit(or more) Turkish, but I need like the most other people in LingQ who would like to do it the real beginner level starting with greeting, numbers etc

Ozne, why don’t you translate the LingQ collections for beginners (Greetings and Goodbyes, Eating Out, Who is She?) into Turkish? Or you could create some similar content yourself.

Hi,Evgueny I’m happy that you want to begin learning Turkish and I’ll add some really beginner lessons with their translations.Please keep your attention on Turkish.

Hi Mike,
I really appericiate that you’re following my threads and encouraging me to keep my energy up on my lessons.I’ll try to manage my time to record some new lesson for beginners so.Finally I’ve a question for you,if you don’t mind,how can you manage your time to learn and teach for all those language?Thank you again :slight_smile: