Tu as une roue de secours

I’m not quite sure what the phrase above means and would be grateful for some help please.

Many thanks, Sue

While we are a helpful little lot, as you know, LingQ encourages us to become independent learners. I’m writing this with exactly this the spirit of independence in mind: have you tried translate.google . com? If their translation “you have a spare wheel” does not make any sense to you, then you have done the independent bit and are now at the right place. As you do not have given any context, do you think the phrase is used idiomatically, perhaps?


hello, une " roue de secours " is a tyre for change when you have a puncture.
that can mean also that you can have some help when you’ve got a problem…
have a good day.

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www.larousse.fr has a ton of words, idioms and example sentences in their
French<–>English dictionary.