TTS sound issue


I am experiencing trouble regarding text-to-speech function; while some words offer sound, other words do not (when I click individual words). By the way, it worked perfectly fine until a few days ago. Any clues?

P.S. I am using chrome as my primary browser (in PC).

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Should be back to normal now, please give it another try. Thanks!

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Having this issue on my laptop but not on my phone since since night. Any idea why?

For which study language you have the issue?

Traditional Chinese has been this exact problem the last couple of days.

Traditional Chinese

Thanks for letting me know, we will get it fixed.

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Thanks, it’s largely fixed. Although there are some weird things happening like the word 乾燥 (gan1 zao4) being pronounced as qian2 zao4 and lisping on certain words making it very confusing when studying on a laptop/desktop.

On a phone there are no issues at all. I assume this is because because it uses the inbuilt language pronunciation system as opposed to the LingQ’s one?

It’s not yet completely fixed, but should be better. Our developers are still working on it.
LingQ app use TTS system which is set as default on device. I suggest Google TTS for phones too, however there are differences between mobile and web version of Google TTS.