TTS for Hebrew in LingQ via Forvo?

Hi all,
The TTS for hearing a specific word or phrase, generating from Google Translate, seems to work perfectly fine for Spanish or Chinese whenever I use it, however it is not the case for Hebrew. (For those of you unfamiliar with using Google Translate in Hebrew, TTS is currently not done because Hebrew does not use vowels, so it is unclear how to pronounce many words).

Another website, Forvo, however does have spoken samples of Hebrew words because these are recorded and submitted by native speakers.

Is it possible to link (no pun intended) a sound clip in Forvo to a LingQ here on this website?
Is there any other way to upload an mp3 file to a word or phrase on LingQ?

Thanks in advance.

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That is an awesome idea. I would second that motion, I hope they can do something to help the Hebrew here on lingq.

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I don’t know about uploading it here but I like to have a memrise list going which allows you to upload your MP3 pronunciation from forvo when you input a new word to your list.

I try and do this with new words I come across whilst reading on linq, Then I can use the flashcards on memrise to learn the word along with the pronunciation.