TTS bug

Anybody else notice the TTS in the Android app randomly turning into a high pitched English pronunciation? I’ve just started using it for French and this seems to happen randomly and makes it unusable. Doesn’t seem to happen on the web site. Also, I have never noticed this with Spanish so I don’t know if it something specific with French in the app. I just emailed support with a recording of what it sounds like. Just wondering if anyone else has this problem?

Happens to me all the time on my Kindle Fire.

However, I have no problems on Android phone or on my MacBook. Makes me think it might be a device issue.

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The TTS on the website does have lots of problems, too, e.g. repeating certain words over and over again while not saying others unless you click on them.

@william.james Do you have Google TTS installed and set as default on your device?

Had it installed but Samsung was the default. Just changed and will see if it fixes it. I did notice that switching apps seemed to correct it ie switch to a different app then back to lingq and then it would start working again.

Just an update, I haven’t seemed to have had the problem since changing the default TTS engine. I will report back if it happens again. Thanks!

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