Trying to share Spanish lessons: audio problem

  • I have imported a lot of Easy Spanish YouTube videos with the transcripts. I’m trying to make them shareable, but I keep getting a message that says, “Audio: This lesson has a generated audio and isn’t a valid audio to share a lesson.” I have imported the YouTube videos and also have tried generating the audio from my computer and also from the app on my phone and I get the same message. Am I doing something wrong or are they just not shareable?

Lessons with generated audio (TTS) can’t be shared. You can only share lessons with original audio file uploaded.

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Seems a little unreasonable. I’d like to share a lesson with a classroom I created, and I’m fine with there not being an audio file. Is there some workaround for this situation?

Not at the moment, I am afraid. But I’ll check if there is anything we can do regarding classroom.

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