Trying to share graded readers


I’m trying to share some graded readers (there are 100 books in the series, an amazing resource) but Lingq says I need to have audio to share a lesson. That doesn’t seem right. Even if a lesson doesn’t have audio, Lingq creates it automatically, so it shouldn’t be a problem. This series would be a great addition to the Lingq library, but I don’t have time to use Audacity to capture the audio for 165 stories. That is hundreds of hours of work. How about articles and blog posts. Can I not share them if they don’t have audio?

I would appreciate if someone could help me share these lessons with the community.


You can’t share lessons without audio. You can generate TTS audio for your private imports, but you can’t share lessons without audio.

Hello Cherry Blossom, in what language are these graded readers? 165 stories sounds amazing!

They’re in Korean :slight_smile:

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Did you use these readers when you were learning Korean? I see you have a huge amount of known words in Korean. Congratulations!
I have quite a few graded readers in French, Spanish, German, Dutch and Japanese. Most have audio in mp3 or cd format. The Japanese readers are paper books and I have not had time to digitize them. I hope to do so some day.

Digitizing them sounds like a lot of work.
No, I didn’t use the graded readers to learn most of my Korean. I found them a few years ago in Korea and purchased some recently. I contacted the publishing company to find out if there’s accompanying audio, and they pointed me to a Korean podcast site (Audioclip) where all the stories are hosted for free with audio. Unfortunately the audio can’t be downloaded. The audiobooks are available on Google Books, but I’m not going to buy all of them to post on Lingq. It’s too bad that they can’t be shared here without audio.
I hope you’re enjoying your languages! Good luck and good diligence :slight_smile:

What is the name of the series of the korean graded readers?

Besides lack of audio, I didn’t think you could share copyrighted material. I have imported quite a few pdf versions of books I obtained legally for myself, but those are protected by copyright and they are only for my own private use.

Interesting. I’m curious what your assumption of illegal sharing was based on. (Your tone reads quite ‘morally superior,’ and I don’t understand why.) Nothing in my original post suggested illegal sharing.

In my response to JanVanderdam, I said that I contacted the publishers personally, and they pointed me to a site where the stories are hosted for free. My issue with sharing this on Lingq was the audio, not the text. Because of the audio issue, I will keep these stories “only for my own private use,” as you said.

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There is another forum post from a few months ago about these same Korean stories. The consensus was that this content is copyright protected. It’s not a matter of moral superiority, but a matter of following the law.

I understand your point. I created this thread because I couldn’t find anything about it in the forum already. (I’ve searched again and still can’t.) The stories are available for free to the public online, shared by the publishers. If you want the physical books, you have to pay for them. But the stories are free. In any case, I won’t be sharing them.