Trying to post request for audio

I tried to post a request for audio in Korean:

키스의 고유 조건은 입술끼리 만나야 되고 특별한 요령은 필요치 않다.

I pressed the ‘post’ button but nothing happened. I had checked the box for audio. No error messages, just nothing happened, request not created.

I have just checked your profile page. It seems that you were able to post this request.

It is quite possible that all you have to do to settle my issue is teach me how to use LingQ.

I can see there is a post for the audio on my profile page. However,

  1. when I search under Exchange “Open Requests” I do not see it. I have it set to SHOWING: All STUDYING: Korean FROM: All countries.

  2. when I search under Exchange “My Requests” I do not see it.
    If I select “All Languages” and check “Record Audio”, I see 3 listings. One I made the audio in English, one complete request for audio about the North Wind, and one open request for audio for the Sijo poem 6/11. No sign of the request made today 6/20

If no one KNOWS I have an open request for Korean corrections or audio, then how will they ever get fulfilled?

Am I suppose to delete the requests manually after they have been fulfilled? I would have thought if the request had the points awards and was no longer open, that it would not show up.

I have hunted down people who could fulfill my requests, but for simple Korean writing corrections, I would think anyone with Korean language ability should be able to answer that. That my single line sentences can wait out there for a week with no response tells me that no one sees there are requests open.

I will add on about my open requests for writing correction.

I tried to place a request open to the public to correct my Korean on Monday. “Korean: fun to learn together”. It shows up twice. I did not set points for that twice. What happened?

If you hit the Exchange button on top right of the screen and go to the exchange page, you will see all of your requests there.

If no one responds, it could be that the job is too small. For instance, one has to open a particular software to do the recording and then upload it to LingQ, all this for one sentence.

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