Trump is dropping out!

It’s on the internet, so it must be true:

For Yutaka, news like that would be like Christmas, birthday, thanksgiving, and a night with Katy Perry…all rolled into one big happy thunderbolt! :smiley:

April Fool’s Day? This might be a satire. Trump is not so smart as to be able to tell a lie consciously all the time.

”Asked if he felt any remorse about fooling so many people, Trump answered in typical Trumpian style: “No. They’re all losers.”

Haha. It’s under opinion polls, but yeah Yutaka would celebrate for him dropping out. Also nice website, I live in that city.

Oh, you are living near Atlanta, aren’t you?
I have been to Atlanta and Athens.

Well, Charlotte is about 6 hours from Atlanta. It’s in North Carolina, the Queen city baby. But yeah, I’ve also been to Atlanta, it’s a beautiful city. Charlotte is currently under constant construction, but it’s currently North Carolina’s biggest city by population and the downtown area is extremely beautiful with art and nice restaurants/bars.

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When did you visit Atlanta and Athens? Did you like Athens? What brought you there?

I visited Athens in 2005, if I am not mistaken. It appeared to be a typical example of the university town in the US. The site of the university was huge and beautiful. In front of the main gate a group of women in black were holding an anti-war meeting. I also saw young people in khaki on the street passing by, each carrying a huge travel bag.

I cannot wait for the day where we are laughing at ourselves for spending so much time talking about donald trump.

Ahhh Trump planning assassination :stuck_out_tongue:

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Trump is either going to lose or if he indeed wins,he won’t be able to enforce all those foolish measures that he’s been blabbering about. No country in the world needs a leader that wants to ill-treat a group of people based on their religious views, or any other criteria, be it racial,ethnic or social.

Well, I feel as most informed Americans believe, he will either 1.) lose, or he will 2.) drop out before he wins. Most intelectuals in the USA disagree with him, and will continure.

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Trump is parallel to brexit. We cannot surrender the west to white genocide and the flaws of islam.

My friend if you haven’t studied anything about Islam don’t speak about it. How can you say that something is flawed without having any knowledge about it?

Isis and Al-Qaeda were created by the American government in order for them to spread hatred towards Islam and in order for the Western powers to come and “feast” upon the resources contained in the Muslim countries.

Nobody cares of the 1.5 million killed in Iraq, over one million in Syria, the Indians resumed their bombardments over Kashmir, Buddhist monks killing Muslims in Burma. And now even the American and Russian army are killing innocent people in Syria with the pretext that they are “fighting” those Isis terrorists. Is this something that should be allowed to happen??? And I’m so disgusted by those hypocrites from the Russian church that are giving their “blessings” to the Russian soldiers so they can go and kill women and children. From this I can understand why some people hate religion because of these corrupt trash that are misguiding people with fallacies such as the Trinity (which doesn’t even exist in the Bible) and ask people for money so that they can “forgive” their sins.

Just as a disclaimer I don’t want to give the impression that I have something against Christians, but I do believe in criticizing each other’s religion or idiology as long as we don’t insult or mock each other.Also I don’t believe that all priests from Russia agree with the murders that are taking place everyday because of their brainwashed brethren.

No ideology is above scrutiny and no people are below dignity.