Troubles with the import function

I have troubles with importing longer videos from youtube.

Often, the video will be split up into more than one lesson. But then I only have access to the first part, the other parts are nowhere to be found.

I didn’t have that problem all the time, it just recently started. Anyone else having the same troubles?

In some cases when video is split in parts, it takes some time until additional parts are imported. Only part 1 gets imported right away, while you have to wait a bit for other parts. Can you check that imported video again now and let me know if additional parts were imported after all?

Thanks for the answer.
I have just checked, but unfortunately there are still no additional parts. I also looked at another video where I had the same problem, and it’s the same. The other parts are not imported.

Is there a way to set the import function in a way that the video won’t be split up into separate parts?

Please send me an url to that video and I will try to import it on my end to see what happens.
There is no way to disable auto-split for long lessons.

Dear Zoran,
thanks for the answer.

These are two links, where it didn’t happen: