Trouble words in Russian flashcards

Here is list of words that I have trouble with. Please write sentences with them.
5-5-2015 flashcard.
услышал успехов утес утка ученица учёбе учёный учился учитель художник центре

Thank you.

5-5-2015 flashcard? Why not give it a shot yourself first?

There’s a few ways to do this automatically, if you are using the web version of LingQ

  1. If you’re using the web version of LingQ and open the vocabulary view for the word (use search, or click the yellow word in a lesson), you can then click “Examples from My Lessons / All Lessons”. If you click on the word “All Lessons”, it shows a list of KWIC examples. Key Word In Context. From there you can click the little arrow and jump straight to the lesson where the word is used in that form.

  2. Open the same word view and choose the dictionary called “Tatoeba”. This will do a look up on the website which is full of example sentences. You can do this even if the word is an existing word.

That’s what I do. Very quick and handy!

If you are a learner that learns from examples, google KWIC and russian - you may find various tools for language researchers that help you find example sentences across different types of written material (newspapers, subtitles, speech etc).

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I just found Tatoeba the other day. Great source of single sentence recordings.

It look ok, but it seems to be unfinished.