Trouble with Website

Hello, I’m trying to find out where I can access all my LingQ’s that I have created but with the capability of deleting them. I rarely create LingQ’s ( though I should) and have come to the point of having the limit of 20. But now, I no longer need most of them and am wanting to delete them.
This is mainly because as Im reading, I can no longer click on a word highlighted in blue and see its meaning, translated into English as I usually find myself doing. Once I do, it says I have too many LingQ’s and therefore, does not show the translated meaning of this word as I usually see there.

Hopefully you understand what I am saying.

Hi @NickSpeak - removing your LingQs doesn’t help as we have a hard limit for LingQs on a free account. Once you reach your limit, you are not able to create LingQs anymore even if you delete some of them. You may want to upgrade your account to Premium to able to create unlimited LingQs and import unlimited lessons.

I wouldn’t mind doing this as I’ve been thinking about doing so, but, why is it that I can’t just click on a highlighted word (in blue) and see its English definition anymore? I don’t think Im creating LingQ’s that way, or am I?

Appreciate it.

This feature (translation) is tied to creating LingQs feature :slight_smile: just try basic Premium membership and enjoy full-featured learning. If you don’t like it, you can downgrade your membership to free at any time. Sorry for the confusion!

Ah, I understand. Yes I think I may try this. I appreciate the help.