Trouble with adding translations

I’m having a difficult time in adding translations to anything I import. Its an issue of lining up the sentences?

I got a lot of things I would like to import but the “adding of translations is proving to be difficult and time consuming”

Has anyone else been having trouble with?

If so how did you get around it?

Can you please give us more information on the issue? What exactly doesn’t work for you?

I’m having trouble getting the translations to line up properly with the transcription.

Its out of sync. Even when I try to sync it up it doesn’t work.

Did you adjust it properly on the edit lesson page? Can you provide a lesson URL?

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The problems I’ve had are always when sentences in the target language compared to sentences in the translation don’t line up. It’s not always obvious where the sentences are split up, either, like when a sentence has quotes or other things that LingQ considers the end of a sentence.

Try going into the lesson editor and count the number of sentences, and make sure you have the exact same number. If they’re off, you can scroll through the lesson and check to see where the translated text went off the rails, then modify the translation accordingly. You can just copy-paste the translation again and iterate until it all matches.

Hope this is making sense… If not, can you describe how you are trying to sync it up?

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I got the exact same issues you have… and I’m going to do what you said… I’ll try that. thanks.

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It’s alright Zoran. Thanks for commenting and trying to help