Trouble lingqing phrases on ipad

I just got a new iPad and downloaded the Lingq app. Highlighting words works just fine, but I am having trouble lingqing whole phrases. If I hold down on the screen, it will will lingq a word, but the cursor for lingqing a whole phrase will not appears (or I can get it to appear once and then never again) Also, I’m learning Japanese, which has no spacing between words, so I wonder if this is less of a problem with European languages where you can hold down the screen in the spacing between words.

Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!

Hi kusterdu,

Are you using iOS 11? We’ve got a fix for selection issues on iOS 11 that we will be getting out as quickly as possible.

Thanks for the quick reply! Yes, I have iOS 11. Glad to hear you’re working on a fix. I hope it comes out soon! Thanks again!

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Also, this may be a dumb question, but is it possible to access the Lingq forum from the app? I couldn’t find a way to do it, so I had use my web browser to get to the forum.

It’s not generally possible right now, although if you have notifications set for forum posts you should be able to open those via the notifications screen when they arrive.

OK, thanks again for the help!