Trouble downloading audio

I imported some lessons from a source that has already been used on this site many times, but I cannot download the audio onto my mp3 player like I can for the other lessons already on lingq.

Does anyone know why that might be?

Can you be more specific. Which lessons?

@minnie - Please send an email to support (at) with a link to the lesson (use the link at the bottom of the lesson that ends in /buy/), and we’ll be sure to help you get things sorted out.

Thanks for the email!

This is happening because the audio file is an external audio file. To download external audio files, you will have to right-click the download button and select the appropriate option (Each browser is different: Save Linked File As…, Save Link As…, etc.).

Thank you so much! I’ve got it downloaded now. =)

I appreciate your help so much.