Trennbare Verben

Ich muss kurz auf Englisch sprechen…

Is there a way to deal with separable verbs in lingq? This is a big problem I keep running into. Usually I will spot the separable verbs as I’m reading, but obviously a lot of the convenience is lost if I have to open up a dictionary to define the word. Lingq really doesn’t identify them and instead will define each word separately.

Danke im voraus

You now finally have the possibility to edit the Linqu-ed term. If you find for example:
“Ich fange mit dem Erstbesten an” you can just start by saving the term “fange”, making sure that you have the whole phrase in the phrase line, then open it again and click on the pencil sympol to change the term to “anfangen” or “fange an”.

Thank you Reinhard, I never focused on that.

And how about the phrasal verbs in English? They are often much more different than German ‘trennbare Verben’. For example: Look at, look after, look for, look forward to etc. Can we also edit them?

Anything in the term can be edited now: spelling, adding a preposition, giving the base form, etc.
Previously you were able to tag words for e.g. a preposition, gender, case etc.

What I would still like to see is LingQing any word or phrase on the forum or maybe even in texts I read online; but there would perhaps be the issue of saving to the right language; there might have to be a plug-in that works with a browser - I don’t know enough about such things.

Reinhard, this is something that we have had in the works for same time. The first programmer working on it left us with the work undone. The programmer working on it now keeps on being interrupted with other priorities and has found some issues difficult to resolve. Mark has altered the spec to make it easier and we are still hoping to offer this soon.

Yes, you can edit lingqs, but they’re not initially recognized by lingq. Ling will recognize “fange” and “an” separately. So if you’re reading over a text the first time you’ll have to stop, go to an online dictionary and find out what the separable verb means, then continue.

It is not a big deal, just less convenient.