Traveling in UK and France. Meet ups anyone?

Here is my schedule for the next few weeks. Please let me know if you are interested in having a meet up.

Dec 12-15 Lyon
Dec 15-18 Laugharne Wales
Dec 18-21 Bath, England
Dec 22-Jan 3 London
Jan 3-7 Paris

See you soon, à bientôt


(I was there today!)

Hallo Steve Wie geht’s? Ja ich möchte fragen … Wo werden Sie in Lyon sein? Geben Sie sich eine Konferenz oder eine Widmung Ihres Buches hin. Ich wäre sehr glücklich, um Sie treffen und einige Wörter vielleicht austauschen zu können, Ihnen Ihr Buch mit der handschriftlichen Widmung kaufen zu können.Sagten mir isabelle.gomez

Absolutely gutted. My hometown is Bristol, but I’ve recently moved to Leicester! Such a shame.

I hope you enjoy Bristol though, Steve! If you happen to be there on a Thursday, there is a Japanese meetup group in the centre of the city.

Of course, I doubt you are in a rush to push your Japanese, but I’m sure the others would appreciate your participation, haha.

I don’t know if we can make the Japanese meetup but would like to. Where is it held?

So is it Bristol or Bath you’re going to then??

(I know Bath quite well - I was at school there for 5 years.)

A map and details are here:

That website is useful for finding any other meet ups around Bristol also!

I haven’t been in a long while, but I’m sure you’d meet enthusiastic language learners who might be interested in LingQ!

You are probably right Vera, so I deleted the post. Yes I will not be coming to Germany this time, but hope to in the future.

Hi Steve :slight_smile: I live in London and would love to meet up with you :slight_smile: Możemy rozmawiać po polsku, angielsku, hiszpańsku, troche po francusku i po rosyjsku :slight_smile: You have been my great motivation to learn languages :slight_smile: Let me know :slight_smile: Espero que tengas buen fin de semana :)!

Hi Steve I’ m a new learner on lingq. I lived IN LYON 11 years…
Good choice ! Enjoy your stay in “capitale des gaules lugdunum”, great French cuisine, fine wine and rich history and architecture.


Two meet ups fixed and open to other suggestions.

Dec 14th in front of Cathedrale St. Jean at 2 pm
Dec 16th 7 pm The Carpenters Arms in Laugharne.
How about Dec 22 in London or Wimbledon, or two separate meet ups in London, one before Christmas and one after?

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22 nd for London / Wimbledon sounds great :slight_smile:

Hey Steve! I would love a meet up after christmas if thats possible!

I live in London and I can do thoese dates in London. Can you tell me the adress that you plan to meet up at. 22, 23, 3rd.

You mentioned in a video that you are in bath for longer? Are you available to meet on the 23rd (or even 24th) in Bath?

22nd or after Christmas in London would be great. I’ll keep following this thread for the plans.

Just got my work schedule for this week and the 22nd in London is great for me

I am now finally in London. There is a meet up today December 23, 3 PM at the Waterstone bookstore basement café, the bookstore near the Goodge street tube station. sorry for the late notice. I hope some of you can make it. I also have time for a meet up between Christmas and new year. Please let me know which date works best.

I will be there ;)!