Travel-Voyage! any lesson suggestion?!

Hi everyone! I will be travelling very soon and I would like to put my learning into pratice (FRENCH), but I’m gonna be needing a lot of related topics to learn so I’m looking for the right lesson but I can’t seem to find any…I was putting in keywords like ‘‘airport,taxi,voyage’’ but no luck. Does anyone know any good lesson?? anyone?

Merci! :slight_smile:

If you want to use your French while traveling just work on your overall level. The few words that you need that are specific to travel are few in number, and even if you knew them, the answers you will get back are unpredictable. I recommend just working on your general comprehension and perhaps supplementing this with some reading on the web which you can import into LingQ.

If you want to study lessons that others have made about their own travels, perhaps try some of these…

Merci beaucoup Peter c’est très gentil de ta part!

Merci Peter pour avoir recommandé quelques-unes de mes collections :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone especially to you Peter…it’s really nice of you to put up those links…Je te remercie!

De rien :slight_smile: