Transliteration for greek


I started on Greek but was quickly discouraged because I don’t know the alphabet very well. I would love to have a feature that when you click on a word, you don’t only get the meaning but also the transliteration - this would obviously be useful for other writing systems too.

Would that be a good idea? And is it something that other people would want?

Transliteration in Latin script should be available in the settings. Perhaps it’s off by default, but you should be able to turn it on.

Oh okey nice! I can’t find it in the settings though, do you know how to find it?

I can only say where it is in iOS off the top of my head, but it should be similar on the browser or on Android: in the settings under “Reader” there is “Script Settings” all the way at the bottom. If you toggle “Latin” here, the transliteration will display above the Greek text for blue and yellow words.

There is also “Popup Settings” which has a separate “Transliteration” option. Toggle “Latin” here to get the transliteration when you click on a word.


Thank you for explaining! Unfortunately I can’t find “script setting” nor “popup settings”, neither on the web nor on my android.

On the web, it’s under Settings → Reader, all the way at the bottom.

Note that you can’t access the settings from the new forum, as it seems, you need to be on the main LingQ page (then click on your profile pic/your initials).

I found it now in the web settings, however the feature doesn’t seem to exist on android. Thanks a lot for the help fabbol, hopefully it will come to android in the future or maybe I’ll find some other method to get over the first hurdle of the greek alphabet in the future! :slight_smile:

Glad to hear you figured it out! :slight_smile:

The characters are quite phonetic so it’s a challenge you’ll get over. Keep trying if you have any inclination.

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I definitely will keep trying, thank you :slight_smile: