Transliteration appears over wrong word; over preceding word

I believe there is a bug in LingQ’s reader UI which places annotations over the wrong words, such that each one appears one word too early.

I suspect that LingQ’s reader UI has an off-by-one error that causes ruby annotations to appear above the wrong word. Instead of appearing over the correct word, they appear above the preceding word.

Here is an example:

The hiragana すいみん should appear above 睡眠. You can verify this yourself my looking up the word in a dictionary: 睡眠 -

The exact same issues happens for the next annotation in the same screenshot: it should appear over the next word.

Looking at the HTML markup, we see this:

<ruby class="sentence-item--ruby "><span id="w268" class="sentence-item lingq-word lingq-status-0 is-selected">だから</span><rt class="sentence-item--transliteration has-text-dark has-text-weight-medium">すいみん</rt></ruby>

In this example, the annotation すいみん – the same one I mentioned earlier – appears above the wrong word, だから.

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Thanks, we will investigate that.

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Would it help for me to share a link to my imported lesson? I’m not sure the best way to do that, but perhaps it helps reproduce the issue.

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Hi @cspotcode !
Yes, please, share a link to your lesson here or in a private message.

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