Translators wanted!

My husband died of MND, aka ALS, Lou Gehrig’s disease, SLA ou maladie de Charcot.

There is a young artist suffering from the illness - Patrick The Optimist. He is an amazing person and has just developed a ‘Speak Book’ to help in the stages of the illness where one can’t speak and has lost the use of one’s hands.

He is now looking for volunteers to help him make this book accessible the world over. If you can help, please contact him by e-mail.

I sent him an email, I would love to help.

That is great! He has been inundated with offers of German, but any other language will be so cool for this project.

The illness is devastating, every little thing we can do to soften the blow is worth a million good intentions.

I don’t know whether the SpeakBook would work with Japanese, Chinese or Korean?