Translations Missing

Using the web version, in sentence mode, the translation section on my imported lessons is missing. So I have no option to see the translation for the sentence.

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Issue does not occur for the Lingq ministories

I can confirm this. For me it also does not allow to repeat the sentence vocab.

Yes, I can confirm this as well.

Thanks, we will investigate the issue.

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Any update on this? This really breaks it for me since i constantly repeat sentences when learning with my on content.

Still broken for me

Same for me, with an imported video lesson. The sentence view is now missing translations

Iā€™m also unable to view the translation in sentence mode. please help

We are looking into it. Thanks for your patience everyone.

For YouTube lessons you need to close video, in order translation, vocabulary and review sentence will be accessible for you in Sentence mode.

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Interesting. Yeah that makes the translation re-appear. Good workaround! Thanks

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