Translations for Netflix Imports

Thanks for a great site, loving it so far.

I’ve recently been trying out the LingQ importer for Netflix shows. So far I’m able to successfully import the subtitles in my target language (Japanese) but the translations are still provided by Google Translate rather taken from the English subtitles (as they are with YouTube imports). Is it possible to have LingQ grab both the Japanese and corresponding English subtitles?

Thanks in advance!

That’s not possible at the moment, unfortunately. But maybe something we’ll be able to do one day. Thanks for your feedback!

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Ah ok thanks for clearing that up. Its still an amazing resource. Cheers!

Yes, I believe it is. I did see a video on YouTube not long ago. I hope someone can give us the link.

Do you recall what importer was used on You Tube that had the ability to import both languages at the same time?

Have you tried this extension?
Offered by: Dioco

After you have saved or downloaded, then import through LingQ,

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Thanks this looks like a useful tool I’ll check it out!

I just did it using the Chrome LingQ extension, no special process - it did it automatically on a video that had (human generated) English and Japanese Subtitles