Translations for introductory video still missing Spanish, Chinese and Korean

I have recorded a number of language versions of this video which will help newcomers to our site. It would be great to do the remaining three languages. Please advise if you can help in Spanish Chinese or Korean.

We will also need a volunteer to record Dutch and Lithuanian.

We also received a translation into Finnish, and although that is not one of our interface languages, it might be in the future, and if the person who translated it, or someone else wants to record it , we would just keep it in our files for the future.

I wouldn’t mind having a crack at the Finnish version.

Peter, I will get Alex to contact you. If you record it in Finnish we will put it up in youtube, where I will be releasing the different language versions of the video. Thanks! That is great.

Alex has to do a little magic to make it match the recording match the video. He will be in touch.

The same is true for any other language version.

Chinese is done. Thanks.

I had asked shuijingzhiyue to do it. I presume he did it, or did you, or someone else? In any case thank you whoever did it, and I will get on to recording it.

Alex asked me to do it this morning. But it is always better to have another person proof-reading it. Thanks.

So you did it? Many thanks. I have now managed to record it. I had to edit it to get it down to 2 minutes and to make feel comfortable for me to record. It took a lot retakes before I got it where I wanted it. Alex will load the Chinese version tomorrow or within a few days and I will make it public on youtube with the others as they are ready. Many thanks.

We’ve now received both Chinese and Korean. Thanks!

Unfortunately, Spanish is still mostly untranslated. However, there are only about 200 more words to be translated, so it shouldn’t take too long. If any of you out there could help with this we would be very grateful!

The URL to the Google Docs document is here, by the way:

I’d just like to note that Spanish has now been completed.

Thanks, Oscar! :smiley:

Are these videos going to be made in lessons as well?

Certainly something we could look into doing. Maybe once we have all the videos completed we can look at adding them to their respective libraries.