Is the infinitv “относиться”? What would be the correct translation into English? The translations I found doesn’t make sens.
Bolshoe spasiva!

Literally “относиться к кому-то” means to have some feelings to somebody.
The frase in my topic “Я отношусь к людям с большим уважением” means that I attitude to people who learning Russian with great respect or People who learning Russian are worthy of my respect.

I don’t know English very well. I think you can use the infinitive" treat".
For example:‘’
Я не могу относиться к нему плохо.
I can not treat him badly."
If I’m wrong, then correct me.

Ok, then this is a word, which meaning depends very much on the context. Doesn’t it? In this case the writer feels/has respect or she treats others with an attitude affected by her feeling of respect. Right?

I think so. You’re right this word can have many meanings depending on the context.

Я с большим уважением отношусь к людям, которые изучают русский язык и русскую культуру.

I understand it as:

I respect very much people (belonging [to the group]) who study Russian and Russian culture.

Having reviewed what Solena said above, its meaning is probably closer to:

I feel much respect for people who study Russian and Russian culture.

It’s a very tricky sentence for native English speakers to comprehend!