Needs translation for whole content
I’m an absolute beginner and current system doesn’t work for me

There are lessons that are translated, check this course:

And if you go to the library, you can filter content that adapts to your level.
I hope this helps



like Fernanda said you should start with content for beginners. There are very simple texts available in the library. When you open a text and start creating links, you will see a suggested translation for every word you click on on the right side. This will help you to translate word by word.

If you still do not understand the meaning of a sentence, you can ask on the board. There are always helpful people around.

Good luck with your language learning,

You could also try your luck with translate(dot)Google. It’s a bit hit and miss, but you should get the gist of your text.

@tnwls7530 - Just to make sure you know where to find translations when they exist for a lesson, you must click on the Study Resources dropdown in the dashboard when you are looking at the lesson. In order to find lessons which do have full translations you can also go to the Library, click the “Show more filters” link and then choose “Translations” from the Lesson Resources filters. This will show you all lessons that have translations. As Kathi_W explains there are translations for all words so you shouldn’t need full lesson translations but if you want them there are quite a few lessons that have them.