Translation window doesn't work for long documents

Hi LingQ,

I have some length articles I am reading in Japanese and I have the associated english translations. These are quite long articles (~5000 words). When I “view translation” the translation shows up fine, but if I try to scroll up and down in the translation window the document disappears. So I can’t view lengthy translations. This fails in Chrome and Firefox, but works in Safari.

I am running OSX Mountain Lion.



@gyorai - Would you be able to link me to the lesson where you are having this issue? You can post it on my wall or email the URL to support (at)

Hi Alex,

It’s actually a private/copyrighted content lesson, so I don’t think I’ll be able to do that. But it’s nothing special: Japanese text, and English text. The english text is ~3100 words. Can you try to reproduce this with dummy content?


@gyorai - Ah, I see. I tried this with a lesson of my own in Chrome on Mountain Lion and I didn’t have any trouble accessing the translation and scrolling through both the lesson text and translation. Has anyone else noticed this issue when viewing the translation?


The problem seems to have resolved itself. Strange! I restarted my browser yesterday, and tried 3 browsers at that and was having issues. I just tried again now and it works in Chrome – I haven’t restarted chrome or my laptop, for that matter, interestingly enough.

Who knows! Maybe some server-side delay in managing new, large lessons?

Anyways, thanks for the prompt responses.


@gyorai - OK, great. Glad to hear it’s working for you now!