Translation vanished

After getting a Internal Server Error-message while doing the japanese “Patterns”-course a few hours ago, the course seem to have lost its translations. Where there used ot be links for English translation, kana and forum, only the forum link remains. Just wondering is the problem is on my end or maybe something that’s being worked on.

Edit: same seems to be the case for the “Colors (Available in English at LingQ)”-course from emma00

Edit 2: Lesson notes, kana, translations are all gone on all courses and have been for the last 20 hours or so. Seriously, is this a known bug or not because it seems pretty severe?

There is another discussion about this topic:

The problem is that you now have access only to the translations/lesson notes etc. into your native language, and no longer to the English ones. Now you find small symbols under the title and above the text to open translation/lesson notes etc.

I think this is not an improvement.

Hi job86,
From now on, you can find lesson resources under Lesson title on lesson page. Hope this helps!