Translation request German -> English appears in the German slot only

I’ve made a request for a translation from German into English. I’ve chosen German for the post (because the text is in German) and I’ve asked for a translation into English.

If I filter for German I see the post. If I filter for English I miss it. In my opinion it makes more sense the other way round.

Or do I have to set the language in another manner? If this is a case it is definitely not intuitive when I as an experienced user struggle with the settings.

I haven’t thought about this before. To my mind it makes more sense if the translation request can be seen in the English section because it should also be possible to import the translation in the English section when completed. But it would be preferable to be able to see it in BOTH language sections since native English speakers who study German should see it too.

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I think this is the question of if translation request should be merged with other requests or not. In the requests LingQ offers, except translation, it makes sense to set up the “target language” in the language setting. However, if it is the translation request, obviously we need one more option for “original language” and a different way to sort.

I think to have it in both slots would be the easiest solution.

Yes, the translation is a tricky request because it is not like all other requests. Probably it should be visible when either original or translation languages are selected since it is applicable to both. We will see if we can get that to happen.

@Veral, My bad. I did not know there is an option “translate to” since I have not used this service yet. You are right. This would be the easiest solution. :wink: