Translation problems in Lingq

I use Lingq in Hungarian language but there is something wrong with the translation.I know it is not fully Hungarian because there is English, too.I mean for example instead of the forum there is written “minden nyelv” what means ‘All languages’ and instead of ‘invitation’ there is ‘all countries’ and where is that “friends” button in English there is again ‘all languages’.
It’s not problem to me but perhaps who is hungarian and to be on the site at first it seems strange and maybe they can’t navigate on the site.I didn’t want to bother anybody but I thought it can be useful.

@Flaneur - Thank you for pointing this out. We rely on volunteers for our translation. If you would be interested in helping out with this please let me know!

You’re welcome! :slight_smile: I’m interested in in helping.I can help in anytime :slight_smile:

@Flaneur - Thanks for your offer to help :slight_smile: I’ve now sent you an email with instructions.