Translation of unknown words

Although I have got 0 LingQ there are no translations given in the sidebar for unknown words if I click at them. Could you please fix this because right now it doesn´t make any sense for me to work on a lesson when I can´t get translations for unknown words. So unfortunately, my account is useless right now. Besides, I do not wish to update my account just now.

@JanineR - The limit for Free accounts is actually a hard limit, so deleting LingQs won’t actually reset the limit. Once you reach the limit, you can still view lessons, download lesson audio files and interact on the Exchange and the Forum. Should you want to continue looking up words or creating LingQs you can upgrade your account for just $10 a month and cancel at any time.

So basically LingQ is trying to force me into paying because this can not be reset? I´ve looked up the account Information again and nowhere does it say that you can´t get the Google (!) Translation on the sidebar no more if you reach your LingQ limit. Besides, if I had known what would happen if a created these extra 20 LingQ I would never have done it. I think LingQ is a really good system but I wish to decide for myself from which day on I´m going to be a paying member. So, I ask you again, Alex, since I did and could not know about this hard limit, and my number of LingQs right now is zero, could you please fix my account?

@JanineR - I see you’ve actually been using the site quite actively without paying. The limit on Free accounts is supposed to come into effect fairly soon, though by simply looking at blue words and not creating LingQs it seems you’ve been able to bypass this. It seems you are enjoying the site, and you can unlock the full functionality (including being able to add your own imported lessons, saving LingQs so that you can see which words you are learning, and review these words using the additional vocabulary tests) by upgrading your account.

We encourage members to upgrade not because we want to be rich, but because more subscribers means we are able to hire more staff, improve the site further, and continue to spread the word to others about LingQ. If everyone used the system like you then we’d have no paying members :wink:

@ Alex: Actually, I never aimed at bypassing anything. I just rarely felt the need to use the dictionnary-button because the Google translation worked for me most of the time. Besides, before the update 100 LingQs were free and I soon stopped to create them because I did not use them. I had no intention on doing anything with/at LingQ which I was not supposed to, I just made use - intensive use I admit, but that´s just me loving languages :slight_smile: - of the functions of the site that were availabe to me.

Anyways, you fixed this with your update, so no harm can be done in the future I suppose ;-).

I was not aware that a basic account should not be used how I did use it, Nobody told me before ;-).

Besides, I have to admit that from a business point of you, I totally understand your position on the issue here at hand. So, I think I´ll just have to upgrade finally.

Thanks for your time and good luck with your Korean.

@JanineR - Thanks for your understanding :slight_smile:

It’s true that you can see the definition most of the time just by looking at the blue pane when clicking on a new word. However, we encourage learners to create LingQs of the words they don’t know. The reason behind this is that they can (a) review these specific words in vocabulary tests and (b) they can progressively increase these words in status while reading to eventually move them to Known.

Of course, you’re welcome to use the site however you like, and I’m that there are differences in usage even among the most active LingQers :slight_smile:

Should you have any questions or run into any other issues be sure to let us know. Good luck!

Hi Alex,

I just wanted to inform you that (after some difficulties with paying via Paypal) I finally upgraded to premium just a few minutes ago. :slight_smile: So now I´m ready to participate in the 90 day challenge to kickstart my Russian.



@JanineR - Awesome, glad to hear it! Best of luck with the 90-Day Challenge! I hope LingQ can help you take your Russian to the next level :slight_smile:

@ Janine (Oder Frau R)

Herzlichen Glückwunsch! Ich versuche auch während der 90-Tage Herausforderung mein Russisch zu kickstarten.