Translation of the website

A lot of the interface is now in English. Now for example “Learn”, “Exchange” and “Tasks” are in English not German as before.

But I’d prefer the English interface because some Russian translations were weird for me, especially this new ‘podpisan’(signed up’) instead of the good word ‘friend’ and not so good, but understable ‘followed’

I also prefer the English interface, the Portuguese translation is weird too. I mean, was, I’ve just noticed most of the interface is in English too, and the submenus are a mix of Portuguese and English.

It’s up to you to choose the language of the interface in the settings. If you prefere English it is fine. But if someone has chosen “German” the interface should be shown in German. This worked before today.

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Anyway it’s better with English interface today than with Internal Server Error yesterday :wink:

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@all - We’re aware of this issue and are looking into it now. It seems to be something related to OneSky, the site we use to manage translations, however we’ll do our best to get this resolved soon!