Translation not matching the text

I’m having a strange issue.

The “translation” which used to show up under the correct sentence, now is showing a translation from a previous sentence or some other sentence, complete mismatch.

The Korean text says: 철수: 내일 아침에 등산 갈 거예요
(It means: Chulsu: “I am going mountain hiking tomorrow morning.”)
Translation says: “Yes.”

Korean text says: “엄마:누구하고가”
(which means: Mom: “With whom will you go?”)
Translation says: Mom: “It’s going to be too cold tomorrow.”

(which means “Chulsu: I’m going with three of my friends.”)
translates to: “Chulsu: I’m going with three of my friends.” (correct)

" 엄마는힘들거예요"
(which I think means, “It would be hard for you, Mom.”)
Translation: “Chulsu: I’m going with three of my friends.”

(Which means: Chulsu: “It’s fine.”)
Translation: Mom: “Why so early?”

(which means: Mom: I can do it too.)
Translation: “Mom: Let’s go with me.”

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I’ve also encountered this when working with Korean imported lessons. I wonder if it’s a language-specific problem?

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Thanks, we will look into it and have it fixed.

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For which lessons did you find these issues? Did you import these lessons yourself?

I was going through the TTMIK

Yes, I noticed this yesterday, too (with Korean), but I thought I had imagined it until you posted, so thank you for reporting it!

Thanks for reporting this. This is a user-uploaded course, so it’s always possible there will be issues. We will look into fixing the translations for it.

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