Translation issue (on Exchange)

I just posted an English text to be translated into Romanian, and I have incurred into an issue, which is quite relevant to me as a translator: the system doesn’t understand that I need a Romanian tutor, not an English-speaking one. So, I am prompted to select an English tutor (if I want to make a personal request) or to alert all my friends tutoring English. I suspect that, when I wake up, I will find a lot of posts from English-speaking friends saying they don’t speak Romanian!
Please have a look at this issue! I hope you can fix it soon…

I have now selected a Romanian tutor with a workaround, but the issue remains, of course.

@mikebond - Actually, since the request is related to Romanian you will need to select “Romanian” as the language of the request. This will ensure only Romanian tutors are notified rather than it being sent to all English tutors subscribed to exchange notifications.

Uhm, ok, I can do that, but I think it’s still not clear at all…

I agree. It is confusing.