Translation in english and pinyin/mandarin

Hi LingQ

I’m finding a bit difficult to study the mandarin language if there is no english translation.
I would not known the meaning of the word/sentences that i’m reading and listen.

I want to know if it is possible for you to create the view page as follows.:
1st line = is the character word in Chinese
2nd line = is the pinyin - (i.e. wo, ni, hao, …)
3rd line = is the english translation (the meaning of the chinese word/sentences).

All the above info to written on the same page, so without i have to choose either one.
for me, it will be very easy to learn and understand.

if you have something like the above in your library, please let me know, as i cannot find it.

Most of the library only shows pinyin and character in chinese without english translate.

thanks and regards,

-Just hovering over characters will give you the pinyin and English (if you set dictionary to English), this is enough hinting for effective learning.

-Selecting a whole sentence, will also give you a whole sentence translation, but this is a waste of time, imo.

-You can also just cut and paste the whole text into google translate (or better, mdbg or pleco reader), and this will give you the ability to see all three versions that you want.

-The dialogues at popup chinese and chinesepod have all three versions embedded in the lyrics of the mp3 files for the mandarin-only dialogues. This can be somewhat useful at a beginner stage, as the translations are always pretty accurate.

-At some stage, you need to quickly move past reliance on translations etc.