Translation Correction and Dead links

I’m new to LingQ and trying to explore all it has to offer as I figure out how to incorporate it into my Swedish learning. I’ve been going through some of the early lessons and found an issue, admittedly minor, in the translation of one lesson.

Great, I’ll edit it. But I can’t find out how to edit the translation. I can see how to edit the lesson though.

In the SwedishLingQ - Who is she? Part 23 we learn that Georg is teaching his friend Swedish. In the translation it misstates this as English. Not a big deal but in an intro lesson it might confuse some people.

Also, What is the best way to contact LingQ about dead links on the site in general? In looking over the Academy pages: Login - LingQ I see that some of the linked pages on the bottom right of the page are dead at this point. The new products and features and product news seems to link to a dead URL.

Thanks for any insight into these issues and how I might properly report them if this isn’t the place to do that!

Edit: I was going to share a course I had been importing and it noted I had some issues (audio missing) and directed me to another page for more info. That page is shared on another dead link as mentioned above in the Academy section:

Thanks for reporting this. I’ll make edits in that Swedish lesson.
For any other reports, you can reach us on support(at)


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