Translating word into my prefer language

Hi there! I am just starting using this website and I am a bit confused with news words,when i got one and try use translating to get what does it mean ,lingq show me this word in many different languages but not my native!
(here’s the screnshoot as im not sure my english is enough clear :P)

its look like russian,kind of chinese and other one,is there any way to change it for my prefer language only?
thank in advice

I’m not sure, but maybe this just means that there is no LingQ yet for your native language. What is your native language?

When you create your next link, look for the “Check Dictionaries…” near the middle or top right of the widget. There you can choose which dictionary you want to use.

And, as @zbrntt says, it may mean that there are no LingQs yet for your native language. You are going to be a pioneer in that case!

I wish you lots of success in your studies!

hmm maybe u r right cause just few words was translation into my language :slight_smile: Polish is my native

thanks to both of you anyway

@lyda - I’ve just noticed that your dictionary set up as English. You may want to change it to Polish. Just head to your Settings page and find Dictionary Language => Select Polish => click “save changes” at the bottom. Good luck!