Translated novels?

I wonder if people had some great sources for ebooks on the net?
I recently started to look for novels in japanese, or actually, for english/french novels translated in japanese. I found it was very difficult to find. With the help of some users (DanmerV), I found a pack of ebooks to download.
I also have 3 sources for japanese books:

I just finished the translated version of “Le petit prince”, which is an excellent book to learn a language, because there is a lot of repetitions. What I’d like to find is a source where I can buy/download an ebook of a novel that I already know, with a lot of choices. I can’t seem to find anything on or whatever-the-TLD. I just spent two hours reading forums on which people complain on how difficult it is to buy ebook outside Japan. They have to use web-proxies just to consult the repertoire, and then go into lots of difficulties to have a Japanese credit-card to be able to buy a simple book.

“2001, a space Odyssey”, is an ebook I’d like to find, for instance. And I’d like actually to read books on which movies were based on, so that I already knew the story and then therefore would have and insight that’ll help me get throught the decoding.

I could not find where 宇宙のオデッセイ2001 is currently available in e-book format, probably because a Japanese e-book deal has not been worked out with the publisher, but maybe you could order a used print copy via Amazon Japan:

I have a feeling that a lot of content you’re only going to be able to find in print.

Still, in regards to e-books of French or English titles in Japanese (if and when available), Amazon and Amazon Kindle seem to be your safest bet, according to this article:

Here is a site that lists just about any author you can think of — citing works, authors, translators and publishers in English and Japanese, which should make searching easier:

I did a search, for example, for 猿の惑星 but could only find it in paperback.

The problem with print copy is I can’t import them in Lingq. I tried to read raw mangas side by side with a translation. It’s not so bad, but I find it too slow. I can read many chapters(novels) a day when I’m in Lingq, adding hundreds of new words.

I’ll check your last link more in details.