Translated movies- does the subtitle match the dub

I’ve been thinking about getting some dvd’s from to help with my French learning. I just read a thread about how best to use these and it reminded me about this question.

Being an absolute beginner and not knowing much about French TV I’m not sure what to get. I have found Hero Corp and Kaamelott and am going to check those out. But I was thinking about getting some American shows I love as well. This would have the added benifit of me having already seen them so it will help with my understanding what is going on.

My concern is this. Do the French Dubs and the French Subtitles match each other on these Ameican translations. I once tried this on an Hong Kong movie. I turned on the English Dub and the English Subtitles and they didn’t match at all. Sometimes not even close. I have to imagine hearing someone say one thing in french and then to see something else that is not what the person just said written in french can lead to a lot of confusion.

Has anybody had any experience with this? I’m looking at shows like Modern Family and Castle. Cartoons like Star Wars and Justice League. I’ve heard some dubs on Youtube and I like them but I’m worried about the subtitles matching.

I really don’t know. I’d suspect that the subtitles are made from the original English episodes, most of the time before the episodes are dubbed. They’re first made to match the English version, not the French one. Try to download recent subtitle files, there’s a chance the person who made them worked with the French version.