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إن لم أكن مخطئاً :

في قريه كان هناك كلب جشع أو في قريه عاش كلب جشع

The greedy dog story is the student’s attempt at retelling the animal fable attributed to, among others, the Greek storyteller Aesop, that is known as “The Dog and his Reflection” or something similar, which carries a moral with it such as “Be content with what you have, lest you lose everything.”

You should be able to find an Arabic translation of all of “Aesop’s fables,” or variations attributed to other authors such as Luqman bin 'Ad, or similar animal fables found in other works such as Kalila wa Dimnah. Such tales have been shared across numerous cultures and languages going back several millennia and it would be short-sighted to say that these tales are attributable to any single author, language or cultural source, whether Akkadian, Buddhist, Hindu, Greek, Latin or what-have-you.