Translate Sentence, Selecting Text Unreliable for Turkish


I’ve been having the following problems when using Lingq for Turkish. I’m not sure whether these issues apply to other languages:

  1. Translate Sentence function (in sentence mode) is unreliable: Often I just get a blank result. I can at least say I’ve been having this regularly with Netflix content in the web app, but I’m guessing it’s not specific to the web app nor to Netflix content.

  2. Selecting text on Android is unreliable: Often, I can’t select some piece of text that I’m looking at and I’m forced to select ALL text on the screen instead.
    For instance, let’s the sentence is “I kicked the red ball with all my might.”. If I wanted to highlight “the red ball”, I will often not be able to do so, and will at best be forced to highlight “I kicked the red ball” or the whole sentence.
    This highlighting issue happens in sentence mode and regular mode.

  3. Creating phrase lingqs is unreliable: Often, I highlight a phrase, enter a translation, then nothing happens. This is at least the case on the web app.

I hope these issues can be resolved. I’ve been running into the since I first started using Lingq perhaps 6 months ago or so. Due to the issues above, Lingq is essentially unusable for me on my phone and tablet and I have to use it in the web app on my laptop where at least there are some workarounds.

Thank you

Sorry to hear you have all these issues. Can you please provide examples, lessons and exact sentences you have a problem with, so that we can try to reproduce it on our end? Thanks!

At this moment, I can at least provide one example I just ran into while in sentence mode:


With this example sentence (from Netflix’s Clickbait S01E08), I run into 2 issues:
A1. Unreliable phrase-lingq creation: On my computer, in the web app, when I select the phrase (2 words) “GÖRMEZDEN GELİYORSUN” and enter/select a meaning for the phrase, nothing is happening, that is, a phrase lingq doesn’t seem to get created. I should, however, add, that I’m not sure whether this is something specific to the sentence or time as I wouldn’t be surprised if this were to work if I try again later.

A2. Misaligned highlighting on Android: On my phone (Android), the lingq yellow highlighting is off. For instance, at this moment, the 2 individual words: GÖRMEZDEN and KIZGINSIN should be yellow lingqs, but on my phone, the yellow highlighting only shows up over "ÖRMEZDEN " for the first word (essentially shifted right by one letter or so), and over “ZGINSIN?” for the second word (essentially, shifted right by two letters or so). Note that I’ve come across this misalignment issue with both yellow and blue highlighting but only on Android (ie, not on web).

I just ran into the other issues I’d mentioned in my initial post when looking at the following sentence (from Netflix’s Clickbait S01E08) in sentence mode:
Bizi burada bulurlar.

B1. Unreliable Sentence Translation: When I clicked, in the web app, “Translate sentence”, nothing happened. However, when I clicked Back to go to the previous sentence then forward to go back to the same sentence again, I was then able to click “Translate sentence” and the translation took place.

B2. Selecting text on Android is unreliable: When I’m in sentence mode on that sentence on my Android phone. If I highlight the last word “bulurlar” then I want to expand the highlighting leftwards to include just the previous word “burada”, I’m unable to do this, and instead all 3 words are highlighted “Bizi burada bulurlar”.

Effectively, I’m reporting 4 different issues - A1, A2, B1, and B2. I hope the info above enables you to reproduce them. I would imagine they may not all be perfectly reproducible (eg, Sentence translation seems to work sometimes and sometimes not work even for the same sentence). However, I’d expect you to easily run into at least two of the four issues if you spend any amount of time on Turkish with a large lesson and try it on Android and web app.

Please send me a link of that lesson to support(at) and I will try to reproduce it on my end.

Just sent! Thanks.