Translate Sentence not working in app?

When reading in sentence mode on my Android, if I press translate sentence, nothing happens. I just updated to latest LingQ a few hours ago but noticed it happened before that too. Anyone else who has this problem?

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I don’t even have the sentence mode in my app. I can only use it in the web interface. What’s your LingQ version?

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You should be able to switch between sentence mode and full page in the toolbar at the bottom. Please check again.

Seems to work properly for me. For which study language you have that issue?

Spanish. I should clarify. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. When I made this original post, I was on a lesson where it didn’t seem to be working for any sentence. In my experience it seems like longer sentence are the most problematic. I can provide the lessons or sentence where it wasn’t working if that’s more helpful.

We are looking into the sentence mode issues on the app and we will fix them before we launch new version. Thanks!

Yeap. It works for me now. Thanks. :slight_smile: