Translate pictures pls

translate it into English or Russian please

I don’t know any Japanese. But I downloaded the first one, cleaned it up and removed all the background graphics, and took a picture of it with Yandex Translator. This is how Yandex translates it:

I have no idea how accurate this is. I’m a bit surprised that it recognized any of the text given how poor the resolution is. There could easily be mistakes due to improper character recognition in addition to the usual shortcomings of automatic translators. It would be interesting to know how close this comes to what it really says.

Edit: I tried taking a picture off the screen of the original, without any cleanup, and Yandex says this, which is quite different! I’m sure you don’t want to rely on either of these, though I’m even more curious now to know how it really translates.

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And, for what it’s worth, Yandex gives for the second, “Я не собираюсь тебя подводить.” I think you really want a human translator for these, though.

I am not really sure about this but I highly recommend for you to download the google image translator. The app is available on iOS and Android. It does not only translate Japanese but also other languages. The great thing about it is that the photo does not have to be super high-quality. The app just needs to read the letters and you are good to go. Aside from google’s image translator, the Yandex translator is also highly recommended. It can basically translate everything. Just make sure that the letters are readable.

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