Translate or flight response

So my learning French is going pretty well, I maintain an average of at least an hour and half a day, I seem to be able to understand more lessons and all in all feel happy with where I am atm. But one thing that’s been kind of getting to me is the fact that when I listen or read ,my mind usually has this automatic response of trying to translate the word into English from french. I can usually come away understanding what I heard if I know most of the words, without actively going through and seeing the meaning but while I am listening or reading, I will hear a word like “sans” and translate it in my mind by saying "ok that means “without” or “après means after” you get me? So my question is, does this automatic translation just kind off wear off naturally to the point of where I can look at a word and just know “ok après means après” without going through the middle man that is English?

I’ve seen this issue brought up a lot lately, so here is a response:


It’ll pass!

The article linked to by @Wulfgar’s proposes an efficient way of avoiding too much of this sort of mental monitoring/interruption going on in the first place.

P.S. I love the way I just managed to include three prepositions in a row: to by and at.

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