"Translate LingQ"?


I have noticed this under my account drop down menu. I have looked through it a little, but what exactly is this? Just translating the website into different interfaces?

@Le_Jr - That’s correct. Previously this was hidden, but we’ve now set it up so that anyone can contribute to the translations. They all must be approved manually but hopefully this will result in more contributors helping complete the site translation.

Is there a way to add a language that is not on there?

@Le_Jr - We can add languages to the list. Note that these languages won’t be added as interface languages on the site until it is fully translated. Let me know which language you would like added.


by the way I have Lingq in French and in the forum there is always the option “Regarder la fiche” with a checkbox at the top. Should it mean something like “watch the thread”? It’s really not clear in French. “surveiller ce sujet” or “suivre ce sujet” would be a lot better. :wink:

@catdag - Thanks, I’ve forwarded your comments to our French translator to look into.

@catdag - By the way, if you’re interested in helping out with the translation of the site interface, including any corrections of existing translations, you can click on “Translate LingQ” in the dropdown underneath your username at the top of the page. Here you can suggest any new translations or alternatives of existing ones.