The wonderful Suzanna Zaraysky tweeted the following link to an article about ‘translanguaging’, something I always thought was a bad habit of mine. Apparently it is a good sign in children and, I presume, adult language learners in the beginning stages of the target language.

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Very interesting, thank you for sharing

Interesting stuff!

“In a 2015 publication with Ricardo Otheguy and Wallis Reid, she defines translanguaging as, ‘… the deployment of a speaker’s full linguistic repertoire without regard for watchful adherence to the socially and politically defined boundaries of named (and usually national and state) languages’.”

You can use, for example, German words(nouns and adjectives) in your English sentences.
I don’t know if you can use German verbs in your English sentences, even though English belongs to the Germanic language group.
I wonder what would happen, if you tried to do so. It might sound Gibberish.
“Today muss I to the doctor gehen.”

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