Transfer to I Pad

I’ve got all my lessons transfered to my I Pad exept the last one I’ve read: TED Talks: Don’t insist on english.
I cannot explain myself, why it doesn’ function?

@Lilibeth - Are you trying to get your lessons to show up on the iLingQ app on your device? If the last one is missing, you probably need to refresh your lesson list. Just drag your list down to refresh it.

It’s not only the last lesson missing, and I have refreshed my list not just one time. Every day I get my daily lingq’s, so the refreshing can not be the solution.
As I’ve compared my lists, I noticed, that they are not equal. Some lessons I miss on/in my iLingq app. What else could it be?

You should see the last 30 active lessons on the app. Archived lessons will not appear. Are the lessons that are missing imported or from the library?

I’ ve 16 lessons on my app but around 20 in the Lingq active library. The missing lessons are active. By the way, since the adjustment to the new side, I cannot find my archiv ?

@Lilibeth - To find your archive, go to My Lessons and then tick the Archived filter in the filters at left. By default, archived lessons are not shown. Are the missing lessons the last 4 lessons you studied or are they random lessons that aren’t appearing? Are the lessons imported or from the library?

That are exact 7 lessons which are not transferred to the app, random lessons from the library and imported - not the last. Today I’ve imported one lesson again from the library - TEDs report - after I’ve refreshed my app - but nothing appears. The daily Lingq’s are correct by date - so the refreshing process runs correctly.

Since this morning all lessons are running on App. Every thing okay now!! Thanks to magic to you?!? :slight_smile:

@Lilibeth - Good! I would like to claim credit but if it was fixed it was inadvertent as we fixed another bug…! :slight_smile:

Hi Mark, I have got the same problem like before. My last lessons are not on the App, and the last lingq of the day is from 2012-09-27. Do you think it is a technical problem on my side. When I refresh, I can read the correct date… release to refresh… last updated - it’s completely correct, but there is nothing other than before. And I also tryed to log out, not just one time… HELP please… I am addicted to my Ipad App, because it’s so nice to work with.

@Lilibeth - that is very strange. My list of lessons seems to always update right away although I am having a problem with my Daily LingQs lists shown. I will look into these issues and let you know.